About characters Mafia kill

Mafiakill characters

On mafiakill you choose a character you want to play with.
If you choose the character criminal, you will steal money and steal cars. You train yourself with this to become a real gangster. Let people work for you and start a clan with your friends to buy a drug lab. There are many more activities, check it out soon!

As a scientist you will do research and build cars, try to earn as much money as possible. And participate in scientists' competitions, beating other scientists with your intelligence. Collaborate with friends or other scientists and buy as many power plants as possible.

As a police officer, you look for criminals who misbehave. By confiscating cars you get salary. With salary you can buy weapons that make you stronger. Look for criminals, and arrest them if they commit a crime and put them in jail. (These are the players who chose criminal.) Or go out with another cop and supervise the streets. Make a clan with your fellow agents and buy shares and / or make a police building.

Mafiakill -Police Mafiakill -Criminal Mafiakill -Scientist